Business Crime

The Community Safety Partnership has identified business crime as one of its key aims, not because business crime is a prevalent issue but to ensure that business crime remains low. Business crime affects profitability, can deter investment and lead to business closures which in turn can impact on the wider community.

If you have been affected by crime then please contact West Mercia Police on 101 or in an emergency 999.

The Council’s Business Support Team are also available to provide a range of support services to local businesses and have a number of networks established for businesses to link in to, further information on the Business Support Team and also information on networks available to you as businesses can be found at

Crime prevention tips


Know what is happening in your area, talk to other businesses, find out what crime has or is affecting the area, what support schemes are there for businesses. You can also sign up to dot mailer at


Make sure you know your environment walk around, consider what roads and footpaths there are around your property, are they well maintained, are the boundaries to your property secure, look our for suspicious behaviour.


Is the building secure, address areas of vulnerability, what is the area like at night, consider CCTV and security arrangements maybe with neighbouring businesses.


Keep your stock lists up to date and consider how your stock is placed, ensure you have a security plan, do you have an alarm is it maintained and fully operational.


Are all staff aware of keeping the building and stock safe, ensure that you have security policy for public and shared areas i.e. CCTV, signing in procedures secure access for employees.

You can also visit the West Mercia Police website for further information on crime prevention and how to contact the local crime prevention officer at